HENLICS has always adhered to the principle of high-end quality; And always at the forefront of trends, every detail of the product reflects the brand's minimalist and luxurious aesthetic attitude.

HENLICS has shifted its focus from impulsive to rational consumption habits among women, in line with the trend of younger consumers in cosmetics. Consumers have more emotional and conspicuous consumption habits, and have established a brand positioning of "light luxury cosmetics".

HENLICS believes that everyone yearns for a high-end quality of life, but not everyone has the economic capacity to afford a high-end lifestyle. "Luxury but not extravagance", light luxury life is the true attitude towards life, and light luxury makeup is the dominant trend in the future.

yellow sunflower field during daytime
yellow sunflower field during daytime

HENNICS attaches great importance to product safety, selecting ingredients higher than EU standards, and selecting top international raw material suppliers such as BASF, DOW, South Korean SK for composition synthesis. Enable consumers to have a very enjoyable use experience after purchasing HENNICS products!

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